Why Coppermine web gallery software?

Coppermine is a web-based, multi-language, multi-theme photo gallery platform with an easy-to-use Admin Panel for categorizing and displaying images, documents, video and audio files from multiple sources.

It is an amazingly user-friendly gallery web application offering an excellent environment for you to share your favourite web albums online. With an easy-going interface and handy administrative controls, it has become one of the most popular web gallery platforms online.

Coppermine offers a host of additional features like automatic thumbnails, full control over the content and an option to have private albums. Also, it is very easy to integrate with any of the widespread open-source platforms – Joomla, WordPress, PHPBB, etc.

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An easy, simple and FREE installation of Coppermine

To install Coppermine, you need to set up an Apache server, and configure PHP support for ImageMagic or GD libraries.

However, with the 1-click Web Apps Installer from Lonex, you can install Coppermine and more than 50 other PHP web applications in just a click.

All you need to do is fill in your names, your email address, and some other gallery information, and within seconds your web albums will be ready to go online for everyone to see.

An easy, simple and FREE installation of Coppermine

Coppermine optimized cloud hosting packages

Coppermine optimized cloud hosting packages

Free bonuses with the Coppermine web hosting plans: automatic Coppermine installation, 1-click Free Web Apps Installer, free marketing tools and a free domain name.

With each Coppermine-optimized web hosting plan you get a free Coppermine installation and save more than $119 USD – this is how much a freelance specialist would charge you only for the administration set up of the script. With the plan, you will get a free domain name.

With the Coppermine plan, you can also install any of the over 50 PHP web applications (blog, forum, photo gallery, and more) available to you through our optimized 1-click Web Apps Installer.

Coppermine hosting services on a cloud hosting platform

Coppermine hosting services on a cloud hosting platform

We have developed our own modern truly scalable cloud hosting platform where server load is evenly distributed between a few server machines instead of only one as is the standard.

This way, even if the server is overloaded, you will still have smooth access to the web resources that you need and will never be faced with slow speeds or network hiccups.

To ensure utmost efficiency, security and quality service level guarantees of the web hosting plans we have optimized our web hosting platform to work flawlessly with the Coppermine software, as well as any of the other over 50 PHP scripts available from our 1-click Free Web Apps Installer.