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Choose the location for your site(s) that is closest to your visitors!

The physical location of your website is a key factor to offering fast loading speed to your visitors. This is why we offer you a choice of data center locations around the world, on 3 continents - Europe, North America and Australia. This way, you can choose the location that is closest to your visitors or target customers and offer them a great on-site experience.

Data center in Bulgaria

The S3 data center at the heart of Sofia, Bulgaria is a perfect choice if you want to target countries like Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, and many others in the Eastern European market. The facility offers exceptional connectivity and superb service, which is why it is one of the most preferred data centers in the area.

  • Located in Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Built-in Tier 2 network
  • Carrier-grade IP Transit
  • 24/7/365 tech support
  • Reserved diesel generators 500 kVA (N + 1)
  • PCI DSS, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified

S3 Company

Available with the following services:

Cloud Hosting VPS Servers Semi-dedicated Servers

Data center in the United States

If you are planning to run a personal or business site for customers in the U.S., Canada or Latin America, then the American data center is the right choice for you. As one of the best data centers in North America, it offers top-class network technology and provides a quick connectivity environment for your sites.

  • Located in downtown, Chicago, Illinois
  • Cisco and Juniper networking equipment
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet infrastructure
  • Optimal flexibility and productivity
  • Redundant UPS and diesel generators
  • Excellent network connectivity and security


Available with the following services:

Cloud Hosting VPS Servers Dedicated Servers Semi-dedicated Servers

Data center in the UK

If your visitors are from the UK or other European countries you need a reliable data center in Europe to ensure the best possible on-site performance. The UK data center that we offer as a location option with our services is the solution you are looking for! It is also a reasonable choice for users from the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

  • Located in Coventry
  • Certified by ISO 27001
  • 2N+1 PowerWave UPS systems for critical load
  • Advanced evaporative cooling technologies
  • 24/7 monitoring by qualified personnel
  • High-speed MPLS enabled network

UK Servers

Available with the following services:

Cloud Hosting OpenVZ Servers Semi-dedicated Servers

Data center in Finland

The Ficolo data center is located in a former underground military base so it can actually withstand an explosion or an air attack. The facility uses state-of-the-art hardware technology and offers iron-clad levels of security and protection. It is a great option for businesses which operate in northern and central Europe, as well as in Russia.

  • Located in Pori, Finland
  • Access to major network providers
  • Excellent internet and network connectivity
  • UPS Backup Power
  • Diesel generator with a power of 1.5 MW.
  • 100% wind energy


Available with the following services:

Cloud Hosting OpenVZ Servers Semi-dedicated Servers

Data center in Australia

If your site is targeted at visitors from Australia or from anywhere in Oceania, then the Sydney data center is what you need to guarantee amazing site loading speeds. This is one of the most popular facilities in the region and it offers a top-class hosting environment for your online projects and applications.

  • Located in downtown, Sydney
  • Enterprise Juniper routers and switches
  • Extensive public and private peering
  • Excellent efficiency and low energy costs
  • 24/7 security and video surveillance
  • Maximum network security


Available with the following services:

Cloud Hosting OpenVZ Servers Semi-dedicated Servers

All data centers provide

Network infrastructure

Our data centers deploy a robust and reliable OSPF network to ensure a secure environment for your sites. Also, we use an advanced 10-gigabit Ethernet infrastructure for excellent connectivity which allows us to provide you with the best possible uptime for your sites. To secure our uptime guarantee, we hold on-site spare parts for all critical network equipment.

  • diesel generators and UPS systems
  • several different Internet providers
  • 100% continuous power supply
  • environmental control systems
  • monitoring and maintenance systems
Network infrastructure

Server hardware

All servers are equipped with powerful and modern hardware components that can guarantee 99.9% server uptime, excellent boot speeds and top-level performance.

Our data centers are serviced by qualified technicians and administrators who are on site 24 hours a day should an issue arise. Backup servers in the event of a hard drive failure, disaster or accident, are provided as well. We also perform regular maintenance, diagnostics and network server upgrades to ensure 100% security and efficiency.

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Cloud Hosting

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  • Disk Space
  • Monthly Traffic
  • 1 Hosted Domain
  • 100 Email Accounts
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VPS Hosting

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  • 1 CPU Core(s)
  • 20GB Disk Space
  • 1TB Monthly Traffic
  • 1GB RAM
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Semi-dedicated Servers

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  • Disk Space
  • Monthly Traffic
  • Hosted Domains
  • Email Accounts
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Dedicated Servers

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  • Intel Atom D525 CPU
  • 240GB Disk Space
  • 10TB Monthly Traffic
  • 4GB RAM
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