Enterprise hosting plan

The Enterprise hosting package is for growing businesses who are not yet ready to move to a more advanced hosting solution like a semi-dedicated or dedicated server. It comes with the tools, scripts, and support you need to run an ever demanding and secure business website - unlimited space and data transfer, unlimited hosted domains, unlimited MySQL and PostgreSQL databases and scripting support including Ruby on Rails, PHP, Perl, and Python.

Also, the plan comes with special extras for web developers such as SSH access and a free dedicated IP address.

Suitable for: medium-sized to large businesses who need a powerful shared hosting solution at a reasonable price

Included services with the plan:

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Detailed information for the plan

Enterprise $15.45 /mo
Domain Name Free **
Disk Space
Monthly Traffic
MySQL v.5 Databases
Hosted Domain
Email Accounts
VPN Traffic 50GB
Website Builder (View Demo)

** FREE Domains: .be, .com, .co.uk, .es, .eu, .fr, .it, .me.uk, .org.uk, .uk, .us, .fun, .online, .press, .site, .space, .store, .tech, .website

  • Basic Features
    ZFS Storage
    Dedicated IP Address 1
    Shared SSL IPs
    Multiple Data Centers
    NVMe Data Caching
    Website Accelerators
  • Domains and Subdomains
    Parked Domains
    Full DNS Management
    Custom MX and A records
    CNAME Records
    NS Records
    SRV Records
    AAAA Records
    TXT Records
    Full WHOIS Management
    Registrar Lock
    EPP Transfer Protection
    Whois Privacy Protection
    Feature-rich Domain Manager
    Domain Backorders
  • E-Mail Features
    SMTP Server
    Webmail - RoundCube
    E-mail Forwarding
    Auto-responder E-Mails
    Catch-all e-mails
    Mailing Lists
    Mailing List Members
    SPAM Filters
    DomainKeys Identified Mail
    SPF Protection
    Anti-Virus Protection
    Advanced E-mail Manager
  • Security
    ModSecurity Firewall
    Let's Encrypt certificates
    Self signed SSL certificates
    IP Blocking
    Hot-linking Protection
    Password Protected Directories
  • Customer Support
    Extensive Online Documentation
    Integrated Ticketing System
    1-hour Ticket / E-mail Response
  • Site Management Tools
    Web-based SSH
    FTP Accounts
    FTP Manager
    File Manager
    Custom Error Pages
    .htaccess Generator
    URL Redirector
    Website Manager
    Guest Users 20
  • Scripting, DB & Development
    Memcached Memory 16MB
    Redis Memory 16MB
    Varnish Memory 16MB
    APC (PHP Opcode Cache)
    PHP4, PHP5 and PHP7 Support
    MySQL Database Storage
    InnoDB Storage Engine
    Perl Scripting
    PgSQL Databases
    PostgreSQL Database Storage
    Over 3400 Perl modules
    ImageMagick & GD Library
    Zend Optimizer
    Microsoft FrontPage Extensions
    Dreamweaver Compatible
    Server Side Includes (SSI)
    Cron Jobs
  • Site Statistics
    Web / FTP Statistics
    Access Log Manager
    Error Log Viewer
    MySQL / Load Stats
  • OS, Connectivity & Backup
    24-core servers w/ 64gb RAM
    Stable Linux with Apache
    2.5 Gbits Network Connectivity
    UPS & diesel back-up generator
$15.45 /mo

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