KVM VPS hosting plans

Our KVM-based Virtual Private Servers offer a flexible and powerful solution for your demanding sites and applications. The underlying full virtualization technology allows for direct communication between the VPS and the host machine's hardware. This frees up server resources and reduces the I/O waiting time significantly thus making your VPS run faster.

You will get a secure and fully isolated virtual environment where your server will perform and behave exactly like a stand-alone server. You can reboot your server anytime and install any software you like thanks to the full root access to the machine.

With any of our KVM hosting solutions you can manage IP addresses, memory, processes, files, applications, system libraries and configuration files. All this can be done independently of the other users on the same machine.

All plans come with:

KVM VPS additional services

Control Panel Options:

  • cPanel - from $20.00 /mo
  • Hepsia Control Panel (No root access) - $0.00 /mo

Extra Dedicated IPs:

  • 1 additional IP - $3.00 /mo

Hepsia Reseller Tools

The Hepsia Control Panel is a tool that can be used to start a reseller hosting business. It is provided for free with our VPS’s and enables the creation of up to 5 subaccounts that can be sold to customers.

Even if you don't intend to use your server as a reseller platform, you can still sell a few accounts to offset the server's monthly fees.

Note: We CANNOT provide assistance with billing or supporting customers, even if you have a Managed Services package with us.

A data center in the USA

Our KVM virtual private servers are located in the Colohouse data center in the USA. It is located in the heart of Chicago, Illinois and offers the ultimate network environment for your KVM. The facility boasts a 100% network uptime guarantee, intelligent routing and connectivity to top-tier 1 networks and ensures the highest level of performance for your KVM.

A data center in the USA

Your KVM can go online within minutes

Get up and running instantly! Our KVM servers are set up within a few minutes.

step 1

Select a KVM plan:

Choose the KVM plan that suits your needs and budget best.

step 2

Create an account:

Create your account by filling in the required information.

step 3

Log into your server:

In just a few minutes your server will be ready for use. Create your virtual web presence right now!