Why Mambo Content Management System?

Mambo is an award winning, feature rich content management system used for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications. It offers a long list of add-on components and modules like forum, shopping cart, etc. Mambo is one of the most popular and powerful free CMS systems you can use to install and configure both simple personal home pages and elaborate web portals in a matter of minutes.

You can create a unique website without any serious web design and programming skills, thanks to Mambo's easy-to-use advanced content management interface.

Mambo is backed up by a huge community, which continues to create and support a great number of components, modules and mambots, enabling this advanced CMS to perform different functions. For example, Mambo can easily be combined with popular Blog, Forum, Gallery and Shopping Cart software thanks to the bridge modules.

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An easy, simple and free installation of Mambo

Mambo offers an easy and intuitive installation and administration, however some elementary knowledge of MySQL, Apache Web Server, phpMyAdmin, Linux, etc. is required.

The 1-click Web Apps Installer from Lonex solves the problem by ensuring a quick and trouble free installation of Mambo and more than 50 web applicaitons via a quick, easy, automated installation process.

All you need to do is fill in your name, the name of the site, and your Mambo CMS will be ready for use after a few clicks.

An easy, simple and free installation of Mambo

Mambo optimized web hosting packages from Lonex

Mambo optimized web hosting packages from Lonex

Free Bonuses with our Mambo web hosting plans: an automatic Mambo installation, a Free 1-click Web Apps Installer, free website templates, free marketing tools. With each Mambo hosting plan purchase, you receive also a FREE domain name!

With each Mambo-optimized web hosting plan, you get Mambo installed for you, absolutely free of charge! You will thus save more than $40 USD – this is how much a single installation of the script by a freelance specialist would have cost you.

Apart from Mambo, our optimized 1-click Installer offers you a completely free and fully automatic installation of more than 50 web applications (blogs, forums, photo galleries, e-shop and more).

Mambo hosting services on a cloud hosting platform

Mambo hosting services on a cloud hosting platform

We have built our custom scalable cloud hosting platform where the core server processes like databases, files, DNS, emails and applications are evenly distributed between a few servers instead of just one.

This way, even if the server is under pressure, you will still have access to the resources that you need and will never encounter slow speeds or network problems.

Aiming to provide high efficiency, security and quality service level guarantees of the web hosting plans, we've optimized our hosting platform to work with Mambo and with the other more than 50 PHP web applications available in our Free 1-Click Web Apps Installer.