Why WordPress blogging software?

With WordPress, one of the most popular blogging tools online, you can easily set up your personal, community-focused or business online diary within minutes.

WordPress includes a set of out-of-the-box features like multi-file uploading, one-click plugin upgrades, built-in galleries, customizable dashboard, cookie encryption, media library, a WYSWYG editor and many others.

Incorporating some of the many plugins available, you can publish photos by yourself, and even embed YouTube videos. You can give a final look and feel to your blog with any of the user-friendly turn-key themes available online (most of the them are free).

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A simple and free installation of WordPress

WordPress offers an intuitive installation process where some basic knowledge in MySQL, Apache Web Server, phpMyAdmin, Linux, etc is however required. To less experienced users, Lonex web hosting provides a One-click Installer platform.

It ensures an easy, user-friendly and all-automated installation process of more than 50 PHP web applications, including WordPress.

You simply need to enter your names, your email address and some information about your website, and in a few clicks you will be ready for blogging!

A simple and free installation of WordPress

WordPress hosting by Lonex cloud hosting platform

WordPress hosting by Lonex cloud hosting platform

Free with our WordPress web hosting plans: automatic WordPress installation, 1-click Web Apps Installer, free website templates, free marketing tools and a free domain name. Also, in the package you can find a collection of professional free WordPress themes to choose from for your new blog site.

With a WordPress web hosting from Lonex, you save more than $45 USD (this is how much it would cost you to have WordPress installed by a freelance specialist). This is because in your web hosting package, we have included a completely free installation of WordPress.

Apart from WordPress, each web hosting plan also offers more than 50 free PHP web applications (CMSs, forums, photo galleries, and more) available through our automatic installer.

WordPress cloud hosting service by Lonex

WordPress cloud hosting service by Lonex

We have developed our own truly scalable cloud web hosting platform where server load is effectively distributed between several machines instead of just one.

This way, even if a server is under stress, you will still have access to the resources that you need and will never face slow speeds or network downtimes.

To provide highest security, efficiency and quality service level guarantees for the web hosting plans, we have ensured a flawless integration of our system with the WordPress software, as well as with any of the other over 50 PHP web applications available through our 1-click Free Web Apps Installer.