Affordable OpenVZ VPS hosting solutions

Our new line of OpenVZ-based virtual private servers combines reliability and stability with affordable prices.

The OpenVZ virtualization technology offers much more optimized use of server resources and a favourable environment for your applications.

Our OpenVZ VPS solutions use pure NVMe storage which provides higher speeds for your sites and applications irrespective of the overall server load.

You will get real RAM shares and will be able to utilize 100% of the server's CPU speed. We guarantee backups up to 10 times faster as well, with no impact on the overall speed of your VPS.

All OpenVZ VPS plans include:

OPENVZ VPS upgrade services

Control Panel Options:

  • cPanel - from $20.00 /mo
  • DirectAdmin - $0.00 /mo
  • Hepsia Control Panel (No root access) - $0.00 /mo

Extra Dedicated IPs:

  • 1 additional IP - $3.00 /mo

Hepsia Reseller Tools

The Hepsia Control Panel is a tool that can be used to start a reseller hosting business. It is provided for free with our VPS’s and enables the creation of up to 5 subaccounts that can be sold to customers.

Even if you don't intend to use your server as a reseller platform, you can still sell a few accounts to offset the server's monthly fees.

Note: We CANNOT provide assistance with billing or supporting customers, even if you have a Managed Services package with us.

Control panel for your VPS

Need help managing your OpenVZ server? Not experienced enough to work with DirectAdmin and cPanel? Don't worry. Thanks to our super-intuitive control panel, you can manage your VPS-based projects with ease.

Our hosting control panel is free of charge and includes a set of useful tools and free bonuses like web accelerators and a 1-click web apps installer.

Your OpenVZ VPS can go online within minutes

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Choose an OpenVZ plan:

Choose the OpenVZ plan that best fits your needs

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Create an account:

Fill in your contact details.

step 3

Log into your server:

We'll set up your server within minutes so you can start using it with no delay!