What is WHOIS privacy protection?

Each domain name has its own Whois i.e. a record that provides basic information such as domain owner contact details, expiration date, name servers, etc. As per ICANN regulation, all contact details must be kept valid and up-to-date in the Whois directory to help prevent fraud.

However, providing personal data online may expose domain owners to the risk of identity theft or domain hijacking. This is where the Whois Privacy Protection service kicks in.

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Guaranteed domain privacy

With Whois privacy protection enabled for your domain name you'll have all of your data replaced with generic information. Plus, your email address will be substituted with a spam-protected mailbox that will filter out spam and send only valuable communication to your private email address. This way, your domain details will be fully protected and hidden from the public record. The service works as a shield against:

  • misuse of personal data
  • spamming activities
  • domain highjacking
  • identity theft attempts
  • any abusive actions

Easy WHOIS management for all of your domains:

Apart from being protected, your Whois data must also be up to date and provide accurate information about the domain holder.

We offer you a convenient and easy way to change your Whois information. From our Domain Manager, you will be able to manage Whois details on one or more domains with a click of the mouse. Once you make a change to your data, it will apply online almost immediately.

Easy WHOIS management <span>for all of your domains:</span>