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If you adore the Joomla CMS as well as the features and the extensive assortment of plugins it is providing, but you are somewhat tired of the boring present look of your web page, our Hosting Reseller website theme will append more color and vividness to it. Scroll to the Hosting Reseller demo page and find out how this free free Joomla theme can impart an accomplished and classy look to your Joomla web page.
Additionally, if you don't own a Joomla web page yet, you can utilize our single-click Joomla installation feature and add the newest Joomla CMS version to your professional hosting account. If you'd like to select from among more Joomla 1.5 template options, please explore our vast compilation of professional Joomla 1.5 themes.


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All Lonex's professional hosting plans are offering a single-click Joomla web page activation. So, you can acquire a Joomla-optimized web site hosting package with the newest Joomla version pre-installed. What`s more, you can select among a wide spectrum of Joomla templates obtainable for free on our site.

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Lonex's Virtual Private Server web hosting offerings give you a perfect opportunity to avail of a Joomla-optimized VPS server account. The free Hepsia CP will help you to activate a Joomla web page in just one single click of the mouse. Our VPS web hosting accounts also include additional significant bonuses, among them Virtuozzo Containers and full Virtual Private Server access via Secure Shell.

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Need to build a famous and high resource consuming Joomla web portal? Check out our dedicated server web hosting offerings - they are unrivalled with their performance and affordable cost and include significant bonuses such as a Control Panel , full dedicated web hosting server and Secure Shell access and a single-click Joomla web page activation.

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