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Why VPS Hosting

Why VPS hosting?

Taking advantage of a Virtual Private Server actually means that you make the most of the shared and dedicated hosting solutions by eliminating their main disadvantages, such as the lower security of using a shared account and the costliness of maintaining a stand-alone server. Each VPS behaves exactly like a dedicated server, thus relying on a full security scheme for guaranteed stability of performance. With the whole amazing bundle of features, listed in more detail below, each VPS configuration comes at only a fraction of the monthly cost required for managing a dedicated server.

VPS Hosting Benefits

Fully Isolated Server Environment

Fully Isolated Server Environment
The VPS Hosting technology allows for a web server to be divided into a few isolated environments, each of them having its own independent server software. This makes your VPS fully invulnerable to other VPS users’ activity on the same physical server. Thus, in the event of any disruption with the Apache web server in another client’s VPS, your own VPS will not suffer any negative consequences.

Guaranteed Security

Guaranteed Security
The isolated hosting environment of a VPS server prevents it from being accessed by other virtual servers, since they will not be even aware of its existence on the same server. Thus your server’s fundamental resources such as files and memory space will be kept intact and you will be able to safely store and process sensitive data all the time.

Administrative Root Access

Administrative Root Access
Each VPS server usually offers root access, which represents an administrator level log-in, giving you the ability to manage your server’s set-up and behaviour as per your preferences. You can use it for various purposes such as hosting third party applications, hosting multiple sites, etc.

Total Control Over Your Server

Total Control Over Your Server
Thanks to the root-level access option coming with each VPS you are free to customize your completely isolated Apache server configuration, add or edit modules and install any open source or commercial software that runs on the chosen OS. Now being a master of your own virtual server environment will be a truly easy task.

independent file structure

Independent File Structure
In contrast to the shared hosting solution, a Virtual Private Server boasts a fully partitioned file system. This entitles you to get a guaranteed share of the server’s resources at any time.

Ultra-fast Portability

Ultra-fast Portability
A VPS server is set up in a way, which allows the quick and easy transfer of its settings and resources from one server machine to another without any consequential downtime. This will provide you with an urgent solution in the event of server failure or need to move on to a more powerful VPS configuration.

Amazing Flexibility of Performance

Amazing Flexibility of Performance
With a VPS server at hand you get all the guaranteed resources whenever you need them, no matter how busy the other VPS accounts are. Moreover, you can take advantage of the full capacity of the physical server when the other accounts are not consuming their allocated resources.

Highly Cost-effective Server Solution

Highly Cost-effective Server Solution
Thanks to the VPS partitioning technology allowing for a single physical server to be shared between several users, any VPS solution is offered at a fraction of the cost required for maintaining a dedicated server. At the same time, you get most of the functionalities typical of dedicated servers, which are positioned at the highest level of the server hierarchy.

OpenVZ   VPS Hosting Plans

Virtua 1
14 GB Disk Space
0.3 TB Monthly Traffic
  1 GB Guaranteed RAM
24/7/365 Support
$13.50/ mo
Virtua 2
35 GB Disk Space
0.5 TB Monthly Traffic
  2 GB Guaranteed RAM
24/7/365 Support
$25.50/ mo
Virtua 3
55 GB Disk Space
1.2 TB Monthly Traffic
  3 GB Guaranteed RAM
24/7/365 Support
$34.50/ mo
Virtua 4
85 GB Disk Space
2 TB Monthly Traffic
4 GB Guaranteed RAM
24/7/365 Support
$48.50/ mo
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