Why Plogger Web Album Software?

Plogger is a next generation open source photo gallery system that will help you share your images with the world. It features an easy to use admin interface that makes managing your galleries a breeze. It is a simple yet powerful tool for sharing your images online. It is a fully featured photo sharing package that can be as easily integrated into your website as inserting three lines of PHP code.

You can integrate this wonderful application into a blog, forum or CMS website. For the look and feel of your gallery, you can either rely on its ready-made templates or create your own custom skins.

Plogger offers various photo gallery features like custom gallery organization, RSS feed output, keyboard shortcuts for accessibility, as well as a remote uploading feature.

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A free, easy and simple installation of Plogger

Plogger offers a simplified installation process. However, if you are a less technically experienced user, you may have some problems during the setup of the Apache server and the PHP installation and configuration of the Image Magic and GD library support.

To entirely solve this problem, we offer an all-automated 1-click Installer platform, which enables the quick and easy installation of Plogger and more than 50 other PHP web applications.

All you need to do is fill in your name, email address and a few fields with gallery information, and your Plogger web album will be ready to go online in a few clicks.

A free, easy and simple installation of Plogger

Plogger free installation – optimized hosting by Lonex

Plogger free installation – optimized hosting by Lonex

Free Bonuses with our Plogger web hosting plans: automatic Plogger installation, free 1-click Web Apps Installer, free marketing tools and a free domain name!

Each Plogger-optimized hosting plan order comes with a free installation of the Plogger software for you. This actually saves you more than $50 USD (that's how much a single Plogger installation by a freelance specialist would cost you).

Apart from Plogger, our optimized 1-click Installer also offers a free automatic installation of more than 50 other PHP web applications (blogs, forums, photo galleries, and more). With each Plogger hosting plan you also get a free domain name.

Plogger hosting services on a cloud hosting platform

Plogger hosting services on a cloud hosting platform

We, at Lonex, have built our custom cloud hosting platform where all basic server processes like databases, files, DNS, emails and applications are distributed between a few server machines.

This will give you continuous access to the resources allocated to you, even if the main server is overloaded.

For a better performance and quality service level guarantees, we've optimized our platform to work with Plogger, as well as any of the other over 50 PHP web applications available for free installation with our Free 1-click Web Apps Installer.