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Cloud Hosting Technology

Cloud Hosting Technology

Our services are based on a cutting edge cloud hosting technology, which has revolutionized the way hosting resources are deployed and has helped us deliver a highly optimized online performance for your sites. The cloud website hosting platform was entirely developed by us with the idea to eliminate any slow speeds or network downtimes you'd normally face on a standard shared hosting system.


Here are just a few of the benefits that our new platform could bring to your online presence:


The cloud hosting technology allows for all different services like DNS, applications, emails and databases to be stored on a few machines instead of just one. This way, we are able to deliver a well-balanced online service where you will never suffer service interruptions if, for example, another user is overloading the server or if the server is under hack/DDoS attack.


We have invested lots of efforts and expertise in building a reliable network that will provide a quick hosting environment for your websites and applications. One of the recent steps we took in this direction was to increase the network bandwidth to 10 Gbits, which means better server connectivity and hence much faster loading speeds for your sites.


Server maintenances are an integral part of a hosting service and are related to frustrating service interruptions and downtimes. On the new cloud hosting platform implemented in all of our data centers, we have ensured spare servers to implement the maintenances on and have thus simplified these procedures and minimized their direct impact on your sites’ availability.




Now all user accounts that have up to 1 GB of total storage are hosted on SSDs (Solid-state Drives), which are much faster and more durable than the traditional HDDs (Hard-disk Drives). Our administrators are currently working to migrate all other users with larger sites and applications to the new SSD hardware-based cloud platform.


In line with the new super fast cloud hosting platform, we have added a few site speed boosting tools to the Lonex Control Panel. These are all tools that will help you alleviate database load and thus speed up your websites significantly. You can find Memcaxhed, Varnish and Node.js in the Advanced section of the Control Panel.



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