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1-click Web Calendar Installation & Hosting

Calendar applications provide you with easy way to follow your schedule and share information about important events with your community. They ensures a simple and intuitive administration of your calendar website.

With each Calendar-optimized web hosting plan, we install for you a calendar application automatically and free of charge. No participation is required from you in the setup process. As you get the automatic installation absolutely free from us, the price of your web hosting plan remains unchanged. More importantly, this way you actually save over $40 USD, as is the price of a Maian Events installation.

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Maian Events

Maian Events Main Events, a simple calendar system, is your perfect online event organizer thanks to its nice and clean full screen interface and easy integration with your website. This calendar tool even allows you to add emoticons to each listed event.


WebCalendar WebCalendar is a web application for maintaining a calendar for a single user or an intranet group of users. It can also be configured as a comprehensive event calendar for your website. You can keep track of your own personal schedule, and import information from your friends’ calendars. WebCalendar supports cool themes and an easy-to-use interface.
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